How To? Style Your Napkins & Elevate Your Tablescape

How To? Style Your Napkins & Elevate Your Tablescape

Roly Poly

Napkin rings are a really easy alternative to making elaborate folds. Try some simple jute ones that go with everything and add a beautiful layer of natural texture. There are hundreds of different options on the market, so see what you like best. Simply fold your napkins in a square, then over again to form a rectangle, neatly roll them and pull them through a napkin ring as evenly as you can, to create a simple but effective place setting.  

Our Cornflower print makes the perfect all round tablescape. We love the freshness that blue and white brings, its ideal for an informal gathering, get together or alfresco lunch with friends. Try pairing it with blue water glasses, and stunning flowers.

Rolly Polly

Fan Effect

Another napkin variation you can try, we’ve used a slightly elevated mother-of-pearl napkin ring this time. You need to open the napkin out fully, right side up, pinch the very center of the napkin with your finger and thumb and pull this part through the napkin ring. Fan out the ends to create a beautiful, even finish.  

  Fan Effect

Pretty Pocket

Create a pretty pocket for your cutlery and add a little twist to your tablescape. Start with folding your napkin in half, then in half again, so you have a square. Then fold two of the layers back on themselves so you have a square with a diagonal line running through it, make sure it’s the right side of the napkin showing. Then adjust the napkin so the folded line is running horizontal left to right, then fold the two side corners back on themselves. Make sure they are even and there you have your pretty pocket.  Just add rose gold cutlery and white flowers for a fun, feminine, finish and pair it with our Peony print table linen. 

Wrap Fold

Start by making a large triangle with your napkin, fold the triangle in half, and then wrap the ends around, to create two small pockets. You can make the folds even or you can make one end wider than the other. Our Sunflower print makes a great sunny tablescape where you can add yellow blooms, lemons, and other pops of colour for a fun, weekend breakfast setting. The perfect sunny start to your day! 

Simple Rectangle

No fancy folding involved with this one, just fold your napkin into a rectangle and simply position it under a small side plate. A set of crisp white, porcelain plates let your table linen shine. You can play around with the position of the smaller plate. We feel it adds real impact placed on top of the large plate, with the napkin sitting neatly underneath.   

Our Eucalyptus print creates a lovely, relaxing, spring, summer pairing and is perfect for any occasion.  

Draped Over The Chair

A lovely little twist for your tablescape, is to leave the napkins off the table and instead drape them in a neatly folded rectangle, over the back of the chair. When your guests take a seat, they can place it on their lap. It looks really gorgeous paired with our sumptuous cushions, in the coordinating print, placed on each chair.  

Tied In A Knot

Another easy but effective option for your napkins. Open the whole napkin out, right side down. Fold two corners in, to the half way point where they meet, keeping it as even as you can. Then fold them in again, and again, so you end up with a very long straight napkin with two pointed ends. Then simply tie this long length in a neat knot. Try to get it nice and even, pull it tight, but not so tight that the guests can’t undo it, and place it on your plate. 

We’ve added some fresh bougainvillea cuttings from the garden to give that pop of hot pink. A perfect tablescape for that girly get together, baby shower, Mother’s Day lunch.  These are a great staple to have in the dining room. 

Pink City Living Top Tip

Make your own aromatic napkin rings by twisting Rosemary onto some garden wire and pulling your napkins through the loop.  Try different variations, like Thyme, Lavender, or Eucalyptus to discover what you love the best. It adds a lovely sensory experience for your dinner guests. 

I hope this has inspired you for your next breakfast, lunch, casual bite or dinner party. Now it’s time to get creative and start planning your next get together!  



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