Our Story

When I arrived in the Middle East I was amazed by the diversity of cultures and soon came to discover more of this region, and the fabulous new destinations now on our doorstep. 

My journey led me to Jaipur in the heart of Rajasthan, globally acclaimed for its tradition of block-printing and history of producing and dyeing textiles.  The intricate work of the local artisans and this wonderful craft left a lasting impression.

Shop Collections

Jaipur is a place that’s hard not to fall in love with – the vivid colours, the cacophony of noise, the hustle and bustle, the street food, the animals in the road, the tuk-tuks, the history, the architecture, the fabrics, the textiles….

Full of inspiration from what I’d seen and with a head full of ideas, I decided that with the help of the artisans I’d met, I wanted to curate my own collection of beautifully refined table linen, soft furnishings and gorgeous pieces for the modern home. 

And so Pink City Living was born!

Heritage Craft

As the journey took shape, I also unearthed the work of the talented Emirati women in this region, who cleverly use the resources of the date palm, which has been a vital part of the culture and ancestry in the UAE for a very long time and remains a truly valuable resource today.  

And so this became the inspiration for our beautifully woven date palm basket collection, found in ‘Home Accessories’. 

Heritage Craft

In a world of mass-production, I wanted the approach to our products to be more ‘environmentally aware’.

  • Sustainable Icon


    Handmade production.

  • Eco Friendly

    Less fossil fuels and waste.

  • Natural

    100% biodegradable.

  • Artisanal

    Investing in a community.

Our Philosophy

I really wanted to show-case the unique talents of the artisans I’d met along the way and help protect these precious heritage crafts, whilst bringing a little bit of refined beauty to your home. When I curated the collections, I embraced some unique patterns and bold colours to add a splash of interest to a fun, beachy, light, modern interior. I also diluted the palettes to produce softer, muted tones, that would blend seamlessly with any decor and add interest and texture to an otherwise neutral scheme.  Inspired by nature and flora, every collection is named after a plant.  

We really hope you enjoy the Collections as much as we’ve enjoyed curating them!